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March 8, 2004 by PyreDream
Hmm. Does anyone have any idea what this points system on does to your head? I started this blog fairly recently and I can really feel the competitive pull and the quasi-rush I get from seeing my ranking go up a few notches. It's getting... addictive.

My newest, biggest, brightest idea for a story (I get them this size about once or twice a year) is about a fallen angel's quest for God. Also featuring a killer tooth fairy, revolution in Paris and an irritable clock tower with som...
March 7, 2004 by PyreDream
Today I did something I've never done before.
I met my friend at 10p.m. and we pretty much decided we couldn't catch a movie in time. Also, I was kinda broke. I had something to the amount of six dollars in change. And $4.24 in my account. I checked.
My friend is a great guy. He agreed to pick up the tab for the night. So we decided to check out some bars in Hull. Just the two of us. In Hull, the drinking limit is 18. Which was excellent for people in our situation.
It was cold out, but ...
March 3, 2004 by PyreDream
Sometimes it feels like I’m living and seeing through a bubble darkened with grime. Lost sight of what I’m doing. Has that ever happened to you? Drifting through life without much of a purpose. Maybe it’s a phase. Maybe the purpose needs to find me. God knows I’ve been looking for it; an injection of excitement whenever I think I’ve found it, but the purpose always gets yanked out from under my feet, and all I can do is watch it go as I fall in slow motion back into the strange feeling of indif...
March 3, 2004 by PyreDream
Three thousand words on the religious aspect of the French-Huron relationship. Can anyone write that much in a single night? I thought I could. I’d written essays in one night before. I thought I could do it again.
I made a mistake. I should have started earlier but I didn’t. The night comes and with it the slow realization that I will not be able to finish. It kills any desire to keep writing before I even reach the thousand word mark.
So I throw the time away. I browse the same websites...
February 28, 2004 by PyreDream
ever felt like
eating salmon?
someone once told me
they were good for me
i do believe them
i hate the sharp brittle
sticking in their tummy
and now
in my throat.

you're just a prophet with
a broken neck
always looking upwards
like there's more in sky
besides stars and clouds.
grow another head and
i'd be happy to break your
neck another way
so you ca...
February 28, 2004 by PyreDream
Well, this is the place where I'll lump the turds. Everyone is welcome to savor the fragrance, such as it is. I tried to set up a blog last year. Grade 12 and too much time on my hands. It was going to be at I haven't checked if that url actually works, but somewhere in between the now and then I lost interest. Not much patience or understanding with machines, and that's to my disadvantage.
Oh, and if you want to see some really funny, sad, angry or just plain weird stuff, dr...